7 Benefits Seldom Told About Oolong Tea

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Published: 10th May 2013
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Hi, I'm David. I'm a big oolong tea fan, here's my story.

Three years ago, I began to drink oolong tea. I drink it for an extremely simple (perhaps a little silly) reason - its fragrance after brewed is so, so unique from other teas I drink before, e.g. green tea.

I used to be a green tea fan, drinking a lot every single day, tons of it, to be more specific. Until at one point I said to myself, "Geez, (I think)I'm dull", then I started drinking oolong. Though I also drink green tea sometimes, oolong is undoubtedly my favorite at this moment.

Yeah, you could possibly try to ask the reasons why. Just as I described, I drink it just because I appreciate its taste, and that's it, nothing less nothing more, fully inexperienced during that time, but I was simply crazy about it. Until my good friend from Fujian (a southeast province of China, home of oolong tea) shared very good info with me, I started to realize that there seemed to be a lot of info I did not even know at the beginning.

And after that conversation, I had been captivated onto it. Simply because I truly liked the taste and felt healthy shortly after drinking it, I made the choice to explore oolong. The more I discover form web and Chinese magazines(I took Chinese Literature while attending college as the elective course, but the traditional mandarin was still a difficulty for me), the more I'm convinced that oolong tea is definitely a amazing leaf. And as for the fragrance, after your first sip, you will not ever fail to remember for the rest of your lifetime. I promise.

I'm not sure my pal's family owns an oolong tea farm or something, but he seems to understand a heck of real info relating to oolong tea, to this day I still have a great catch up.

He even has a cousin who already immigrated to U.S. and opened a restaurant in Chinatown. Do you know what his cousin would likely cater to complement the dishes? Yes, you're right, the Oolong Tea, for the health of food digestion. But there will be many more positive effects you certainly will want/need to find out right now in this article. I really hope you're not like me when you begin drinking, even if that's OK.

Below, I identify 7 benefits of oolong tea which not often told through the people close to you. They are short, but it's sufficient enough to get the picture of oolong tea benefits when you are new to this kind of leaf. I must say I hope it can also be helpful to you. If you would like them, remember to tell all of your friends the next time.

Little background:

Oolong tea originated from China over Four hundred years ago. At this time, it's actually gaining more traction in western nations on the grounds that this unique great smelling and refreshing tea has many positive aspects for human beings. Interestingly, considering that lots of westerners suffer from obesity,and oolong tea works more effectively than green tea for reducing fat, plenty of emphasis are actually given on this specific aspect. But, you should dig deeper..

1. Resist Signs of Aging

Oolong tea helps halt signs of increasing age. This antioxidant loaded tea helps destroy free-radicals; as a result, making it the right drink for the people anxious about aging.

2. Cut Possibility of Heart Problems

In 2012, heart related illness wiped out about 600,000 men and women in United States. And yet oolong tea, if consuming on a regular basis, can allow the blood to circulate much easier through the arteries, simply because of its ability to expand anybody's blood vessels. For that reason, the occurance of heart related illnesses is significantly minimized for folks who drink.

3. Keep away from Cancer

For the capability to wipe out free radicals, oolong tea is cherished by some people who just know this particular magic formula. This helpful tea is an excellent source of a great deal of natural antioxidants; thus, making it a fantastic go to drink for cancer protection.

4. Deal with Diabetic issues

In a few studies, Type II diabetic patients have seen a reduction in his or her blood sugar levels with the use of oolong tea. This decrease has allowed some patients to lessen their dosage or maybe stop taking his or her the hormone insulin.

5. Minimize Stress

With only four servings of this wonderful drink on a daily basis, patients have described a considerable lowering of their levels of stress. To improve the calming effect of oolong, it is really helpful that patients enjoy their cup of tea while listening to soft music.

(I recommend you give it a shot as it works well with me. Yes, I have problems with excessive stress every now and then, from job, personal life, or family, but I have learned to manage it. And oolong is one of my secret formulas.)

6.Relieve Physical pain

Due to the peaceful effects produced by polyphenols in oolong tea, patients suffering with continuing pain, for example arthritis and fibromyalgia syndrome(muscle pain), have noted a decrease in their suffering.

7. Reduce Cholesterol

Research studies prove that oolong tea aid decrease the amount of oxidation of LDL(Low Density Lipids) cholesterol(usually believed to be "bad" cholesterol) of your bloodstream because of its antioxidant effects.

Bonus offer:

8. Fat Reduction

Yep, you read that right. While I should not include this one, you can still find many people around that do not know anything about oolong tea, and those who still doubt whether or not it can aid in reducing the excess weight. Therefore it still appear sensible to list here.

Recent surveys have validated that when you keep your food consumption properly and drink oolong tea regularly, you Do get rid of your excess pounds. (Easy take away from here: drink one cup of oolong tea Thirty minutes or even an hour earlier than your exercise, walking, or yoga session and you will gain prizes.)

If you'd like to get more information with regards to oolong tea and weight loss, you can check this post.

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